film tv 2 week 12

Published October 31, 2013 by xinyingkelly

this week we had final cut screen show, I watched other groups work and we give all the comments, they did a good job. they are all fantastic films. the fortune teller is my favorite film. i am so happy to finish this semester’s study . i had a amazing group, they are all local people. i learnt a lot from them, not only the course requires, but also the local students work way. and they helped me to improve my English  also they helped me to improve my editing skills. one example here. i was struggling with editing two shots together, like one shot shows one person and other shows the different person, such as jump the video clips. and rob taught me. what i need to do it that overlap them. and cut the top one in a few sections and delete alternately. it will show the effects i want. i want to thanks all my group mates, it is so happy to work with all you guys and i want to thank my teacher as well. thanks for all your passion and patience to teach us. 


film tv 2 week 11

Published October 31, 2013 by xinyingkelly

we nearly finish the editing, as we know the documentary is different with fiction or story-telling. it is kind of way to tell the story as well, but the story being told is not made up. it is something really happened in our life and we record it. we all know just simply record it, that is so easy to make the documentary boring, to make a good documentary that is telling the truth but also make it interesting. so we made the visual style of the film is a cinematic construct,because it can heighten the engagement and content of the film. we have many different angles to shoot the material which shows on the framing of the camera. it’s been focused on close-ups, focused pulls, and obscured angles, jumped cuts, slowed motion, non-linear ordering of the sequence of events, and so on. In doing so, the film replicates a very dramatic and narrative approach to the camera and construction, giving it that heightened and hypnotic cinematic feel that is often more at home in narrative cinema. we are doing this to create the cinematic feel and the idea of a “cinematic construct”, but is also appropriate in terms of the content itself. The content of this documentary is that study of a religion.we do not want to make this documentary too dramatic and make it like a fiction, but we have to make it interesting, the way we make it interesting is not only the way to tell the story, the way to shoot to edit that are also the good way to make documentary interesting.

film tv 2 week 10

Published October 31, 2013 by xinyingkelly

this week we still work on editing. we spend so much time on editing, this is because we think camera is a good way to show a new world, it is powerful. it records all the things. but because it records too much and records everything. editing is the other good way to organised  all the useful information, we short all the materials and pick out most meaningful materials. i think media is a very powerful tool, it shows audience a new world. we want to use this documentary to objectively show a real Jehovah’s world. let people see what is real Jehovah wittiness, because people have many misunderstanding of Jehovah wittiness. so we really want to make the most real, most powerful documentary. we had rough cut show this week we win good reception from class mates and teacher. we are very happy about this, and we have more motivation to work on it. 


film tv 2 week 9

Published October 31, 2013 by xinyingkelly

after all the watching. we started to edit. this week we just roughly put the things that we need together. we set up an order to put the questions. we start with birthday question and then blood transfusion finally is homosexual. we decided this order this is because we read their top 10 beliefs. we keep our questions in this order to match with their beliefs list order.when we edit the film we found the sounds quality is very good, this is because With both the interviewer,we are not only record by cameras, but also used other recorders, we borrowed recorders from school. i also brought one by myself. an d i kept my record on through the whole interview, when some sounds have problem, i mean we cannot hear clearly, we always have back up sounds. but one thing, these recorders are all using for main camera which is the still one, and zoe ( one of our group mate) used the other camera to shoot liam ( the kid in Jehovah’s family). she was trying to focus and maybe she did not realize, the camera has focusing noise. and for this shoot, we only have one sound resource, we had this lesson, we will have all the back up sounds next time. it was annoying but finally we still get rid of it. we adjust down the level of the sounds.

filmtv 2 week 8

Published October 31, 2013 by xinyingkelly

we finished all the shooting we start editing. this we we watched all the materials we have.  our theme is to make Jehovah’s wittiness as a short documentary around 7 mins. we aim to give audience an interesting journey through recording Jehovah s real life and get close to them then found out the secretive and mostly misunderstood Jehovah community. the film incorporated door-knocking , personal values and beliefs of the talents, and one of the biggest event on the Australian Jehovah’s calendar. thinking of our theme, we have to choose the most useful materials. we have the materials over 3 hours which includes convention, family interview, church interview. and little boy’s interview. so the first and very important thing is to pick out most useful things. we spend more than 2 days go though all the materials we watch them and mark them. putting the useful materials in one folder and then we were going to do second round picking. 


film-tv 2 week 7

Published October 31, 2013 by xinyingkelly

this week we planed to interview a Jehovah wittiness’s family and people from church. I got up 6 o’clock, it was very early. this day was the earliest day I have ever got up. we went to their house. it is bit far. more than one hour driving. we got there and we could feel their hospitality. they are very normal. i was worried when before i go. from all the material i read. they all describe Jehovah wittiness as abnormal religion. we went there and talk to them. they are very nice. one thing is very impressive. i went to their house, and they prepared coffee for us, but they considered i am a Chinese they gave me tea instead coffee. they are very caring. then we started to set up. during the shooting day we used two cameras and two mic-phone. one is the big boom the other one is small one, we put it in interviewee’s collar. we used two cameras this is because one camera we put it still to shoot interviews and the other one we use hand to hold it and shoot around the house. we asked all the questions, we asked birthday as we know Jehovah is not allowed to have birthday parties and in that family they have a little kid who is 6 years old. so we asked if they do not give a birthday party to him, will it disappoint him. they said no. they told us, this little boy understand that. and they will buy him something such as a candy after that, then he is looking for it that time. we also asked about homosexual questions and blood transfusion. the church person said one sentence i feel very impressed, ‘saving our life is not the most important thing, being obedient is the most important thing.’ that day i really learnt a lot and i am so happy to work with my group.

film-tv 2 week 6

Published October 27, 2013 by xinyingkelly

this week we went to shot our some footage. wen went to a convention, it is for johev’s wittiness. there were many many people, i come to Melbourne for more than three years, but this is my first time to see that much people. because in china almost people do not have religion. i can not feel the power of a religion, however when i come to here nearly every body has their religion and it is also the first time to make me that feel the power of a religion. the populations form little kids to old people. they are all dressed up. they show their respect to the god. the other thing i am very impressed about is that when staff there knew we have to do a film , they are happy to help us. when we were there they even out over and bring us to see and tell us about this convention and this religion. they know i am a overseas student, they tell me about Australia ‘s culture as well. while if it is in china, people would not lead us around, unless you got some connections. this makes me to love Australia more. during that day, we filmed the whole convention and we also had some interview done by people. they all told us their believes and their feelings.